Ebates: Legit? How Does It Work?

Money saving tips

I have so many clients that I have told about Ebates.com,  I figure I should share it here.  I have shopped through Ebates for years.  It is FREE and literally pays you cash back every quarter for shopping online at places you already shop like Amazon, Under Armour, Kohls, Nike, Old Navy, Target, Walmart, Travel sites (orbitz, priceline, expedia, ebates hotels), etc.

I’v been using Ebates since 2013 and have made over $1500 in cash back during that timespan.  This is by no means a fortune, clearly.  The reason I do it is for my “fun money”.  I take a couple of vacations a year and use my quarterly Ebates checks for my guilt free vacation spending money.

How does Ebates work?

The process is simple.

Click through the sign up link within the article (this will provide you with your $10 bonus (woo hoo a couple trips to Starbucks), sign up (again no fee’s it is FREE- and it will not create a flood of spam emails)  then once you sign up you (the customer) got to Ebates.com, search for the store you want to shop at, click the “shop now” button, and shop at the online store. 

Once you have made a purchase a % of the purchase shows up in your Ebates account. If Ebates offers 10% cash back for shopping at Target and you spend $500, you’ll get $50 in cash back

I used Ebates for a a lot of different things building my new construction home.  Not only do they pay you cash back for going through their search engine, they have all of the online coupon codes that are available at that time to use for a specific website. So places like Bed Bath and Beyond, Blinds.com, Amazon, & Target.com, were all my go to sites getting my house ready after we moved in.


Three Tips for maximizing earnings:

1.  Check Ebates for coupons before you check out.  You can use coupon codes as well as getting cash back

2.  Activate the Ebates browser extension when it pops up to ask you if you want it.  The Ebates button will sit at the top of your window, when you visit an eligible store, a message will pop up that says “Activate up to ___% CASH BACK”.  Click on the button, and you’ve created a tracking ticket needed to track your order.  If you have that activated you don’t even need to go into Ebates.com,  It will make sense once you open the pop up extension the first time, I promise. If this sounds to confusing just use the Ebates.com website or download the app from the App store on your phone.

3.  For years the only way to get cash back was online, now Ebates introduced offline cash back.  You go to the offline cash back page on their website and follow the instructions. 

So there you have it! Now you can earn some “fun money” while you are getting ready to sell your home, getting your new home dressed up after you have moved in, or better yet… just living life!  I hope you found this helpful.  Happy Shopping!


Sign up for Ebates here